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Mimose LP + Juno LP

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Mimose LP:

Parra for Cuva's sonic identity can be encapsulated in a single word: Wanderlust. Renowned for a distinct sense of worldliness, his music, combined with stunning visuals, creates a magical realm where the resonance of Caribbean steel drums may intertwine with ancient Zimbabwean instruments and transports the listener to distant lands.

Anticipated in 2024, his upcoming album, Mimose, promises another captivating sonic journey.

Juno LP:

Juno is an entrance into a world that’s multi-cultural and teeming with diversity, but it’s also a serene and peaceful space. Given the year at hand, this entry might also be seen as an escape from our current limited and at times polarized reality. Juno is a meditative and dreamy journey, ever challenging the listener with subtle twists that interrupt the hypnotic groove.