Planet Ujou (Vinyl)

Parra for Cuva

Planet Ujou (Vinyl)

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Berlin-based artists Trashlagoon and Parra for Cuva combine their otherworldly sonic forces on their collaborative Planet Ujou EP. After crossing paths at a Paris gig, the duo quickly became friends due to a shared passion for music-making. The two dropped notable releases with the Gallery Gerhardsen Gerner before venturing to a remote island in the Northern Sea to begin crafting their EP. Upon returning to Berlin, they quickly realized that the project would take them both on a sonic journey that would drastically expand their range and boundaries. The pair, Nicolas and Niklas, decided to finalize the EP in a remote hut in Northern Berlin packed with instruments free of inhibitions and everyday distractions.

The final product, Planet Ujou, is an abstract juxtaposition of Indie music with an emphasis on a four to the floor rhythm. Inspired by traditional African folk music, its rhythmic structure permeates throughout their stellar instrumentation fused with Electronic and Jazz
motifs. Produced with the intent to stand the test of time, the duo hopes to offer their listeners around the world a sonic platform that connects them on a boundless level.